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TIANLI Launches AGRI KING Agricultural Radial Tires To Appear On the Market

TIANLI, May 30, 2023

Since 1999, when China's first agricultural radial tire was produced in TIANLI, it has been more than 20 years that the company is making continuous development and upgrading concerning the production and sales of agricultural radial tires.

At present, TIANLI provides more than ten types of tread patterns for agricultural radial tires. In 2023, a new member joins the agricultural radial tire series - AGRI KING Agricultural radial tires appear on the market!

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TIANLI AGRI KING Agricultural radial tires refer to a type of agricultural radial tire with super flexibility designed for high-horsepower tractors. With its unique curved wedge structure, this product shows strong features of low pressure but high workload, therefore effectively reducing damage to soil and crops while providing strong traction, stability and high comfort for tires. In addition, the strong self-cleaning performance under muddy roads can be ensured with the excellent parallel curved pattern, the driving stability on rough roads can be increased with higher tire strength and fuel consumption can be lowered with larger footprint, all of which reduces operating costs especially for high-horsepower tractors.


Currently, TIANLI AGRI KING Agricultural radial tires appearing on the market cover the following sizes such as VF600/60R28, VF540/65R30, VF600/60R30, VF710/60R38, VF650/65R42 and VF710/60R42.

More sizes of agricultural tires are still under development, so please feel free to contact us for more information!


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