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Privacy Policy

Tianli respects the privacy of visitors. We prudently handle your personal information and operate our website in accordance with the following policies.

This policy describes the processing of personal information on Tianli website, not applicable to domestic affiliated companies, and overseas affiliated companies.

Principles of Using Personal Information

The personal information obtained by Tianli through this website should be used to provide our goods, services and related information to our customers, or to improve our goods and services, for internal use only, and not for other purposes.

Tianli will not provide personal information to any third party except the following situation:

1. When the client agrees.

2. When information needs to be provided to a dealer or business partner to meet customer needs.

3. When required by law.

Tianli takes all reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent illegal access to personal information, and to ensure the safety of customers' personal information.

Change of Policy

Tianli will review and revise the above-mentioned policy of processing personal information according to relevant laws.


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