TIANLI stands for high quality tyres with modern profiles for various areas and tasks.

Producer is the Tianjin United Tire & Rubber International Co., Ltd (TUTRIC), founded in 1985 in cooperation with a Canadian enterprise.

TUTRIC is the first manufacturer who invested in the development of forestry, flotation and tractor radial tyres in China.

Today, TUTRIC exports TYRES to more than 70 countries worldwide, in more than 200 different sizes, ranging from 16 to 57 inches in more than 1600 variations, according to the clients’ needs.
The manufacturer TUTRIC (Tianjin United Tire & Rubber International Co., Ltd) enlarged the established series Tianli Forest Grip Steel with three important sizes:
- 650/45 – 22.5 FG Steel 16 PR TL
- 710/40 – 24.5 FG Steel 20 PR TL
- 500/60 – 26.5 FG Steel 16 PR TL