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TIANLI Continues to Dominate the Middle East Special Tire Market

TIANLI, the special tire brand under ZC Rubber, has recently supplied 51-inch sand tires in the pattern of “SAND TIRE-1” to the Middle East. These tires will be used as original equipment (OE) fitment to meet the demands of desert vehicles.

As a leading brand in China for sand tires, TIANLI currently offers a comprehensive range of nine different tread patterns for sand tires, covering 20 sizes ranging from bias-ply to all-steel radial tires, ranging from 14.00-20 to 36.00-51. These products are suited for desert transport vehicles, desert expedition vehicles, desert overland trailers, and other types of desert vehicles.

SAND TIRE-1【ST-1】-15.png


The TIANLI SAND TIRE-1 is specifically designed for loose soil and sandy terrains with desert vehicles. It features a wave pattern that enhances lateral stability and traction. With a larger contact area, the tire effectively reduces ground pressure and exhibits excellent flotation, ensuring superior traversing capabilities. Moreover, the reinforced tire structure significantly improves its strength and load capacity, enabling a single tire to bear loads exceeding 60 tons at a speed of 20 km/h. 

Addressing the unique demands of the Middle East region, TIANLI has also incorporated a highly durable anti-aging technology into the SAND TIRE-1. This advanced feature enables the tire to withstand high temperatures and humidity, further extending its lifespan.

Over the years, TIANLI has been dedicated to providing safe and cost-effective sand tire products for the global market. The brand has been consistently ranking No.1 in terms of the number of special tires exported to the Middle East. The exceptional customer satisfaction and brand reputation underscore the quality of TIANLI Tires.

"We are continuously optimizing and adjusting our sand tire products to maintain the trust of our customers. Our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations through our professionalism and the diversity of superior special tire products and one-stop services," stated a representative from TIANLI.

Established in 1985, TIANLI is leading brand for application-specific tires for 38 years. It is the first tire brand in China to develop and manufacture agricultural radial tires, with customization service and one-stop tire solutions to global customers. In 2022, ZC Rubber has completed the acquisition of Tianjin United Tire & Rubber International Co., Ltd. (TUTRIC) which manufactured the TIANLI tire brand. TIANLI is now a brand belongs to ZC Rubber Group, specialized in agricultural, forestry, construction and mining, earthmoving, port and sand service tires.


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