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Together with TIANLI Tire on Saturday OTR Premier League Games

Established in 1985, TIANLI is the leading brand for off the road tires for 39 years, specialized in agricultural, forestry, construction and mining, earth moving, port and sand service tires.

In 2022, TIANLI became a brand of ZHONGCE Rubber Group. With the support of various resources of the Group, TIANLI has been rapidly developing in these two years.

Comparable with the international first-line tire brand quality, TIANLI provides one-stop supply of more than 2000+ SKU OTR tires. Qualified products and qualified service are TIANLI ‘s permanent commitment to customers.

Saturday January 20, 12:30 p.m., Arsenal's home match against Crystal Palace is just around the corner. Arsenal will play the game for TIANLI tire to present the spirit of passion and perseverance.

As a representative OTR tire brand of ZHONGCE Rubber Group, the advertisement of TIANLI tire will scroll play on the field-side LED screen.

Let’s watch the game and support TIANLI tire together, to witness every wonderful moment of Arsenal representing TIANLI tire!


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