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Harbour Master (IND-3)

Harbour (IND-3)

Tire Description

The wider "double-herringbone" and non-directional tread bars make the tire better resistance to heat build-up, good slippage-proof and provide good performance at higher speed over long working hours.

Strong nylon carcass provides superior load capability.

This special carcass design is more suitable for harbour services of high torque and heavy load than regular tire.

Suitable for straddle carriers, container forklifts, reach stackers and other machinery.

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Technical Data

Tyre   SizeP. R.TT/TLTRARimOuter DiameterSection WidthInflation   PressureLoad   Capacity kg
mmmmKPaStaticCreep4 km/h10 km/h15 km/h20 km/h25 km/h

18.00-25 Harbour Master (IND-3) is the left one;21.00-25 Harbour Master (IND-3) is the right one

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